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Food Patriots Screens at Peterson Garden Project
October 7, 2013
Chicago, Illinois

Local community gardeners enjoyed a preview screening of “Food Patriots” with food provided by Chipotle on September 19th. Visit to learn more about the Peterson Garden Project. Video shot and edited by Matt Sezer. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Calumet City Students
September 27, 2013
Calumet City, IL

Students at Calumet City’s Creative Career Academy are using iPads to explore fresh food and healthy living habits in their community. Watch students interview each other, parents and teachers about fresh food in the video to the left.

Shawn’s Garden
July 29, 2013
Chicago, IL

Shawn Philips saw Food Patriots and was inspired to make his own 10% change towards a healthier lifestyle. Check out his video tour of his backyard garden.

Northbrook Jr High Schoolers
June 17, 2013
Northbrook, IL

We recently visited Northbrook Jr High School and found plenty of young Food Patriots at work on their community garden! Video edited by Adan Hernandez. Music composed by Arif Banto.

Amundsen High Schoolers
June 17, 2013
Chicago, IL

Science teacher Jenny Sider says: “We at Amundsen High School are very excited about the Food Patriots project! The opportunity for students to offer their own voices to the conversation is powerful. It also helps to hear real stories from … Continue reading

Pembroke Elementary Schoolers
June 4, 2013
Pembroke, IL

Pembroke, a small farming community in downstate Illinois, is a historically black farming community. Ironically, many of its farmers truck their food out of town and eat food from elsewhere. But some local residents are trying to eat more locally, … Continue reading

Alan Slavik
May 8, 2013
Paris, France

Groundswell Board member Alan Slavik is an American living in Paris. In this video he discusses the differences between the way Americans and the French shop for their groceries and takes us on a tour of his local Parisian marketplace.

Courtney Peterson
August 23, 2012
Chicago, IL

Food Patriots intern Courtney Peterson discovers that the seniors at the old folks home she works at are every bit as interested in fresh, healthy food as she is. Join Food Patriots Shot by Courtney Peterson and Nick Wilson. Edited … Continue reading

Asia Lamar
July 17, 2012
Chicago, IL

Asia Lamar in Chicago, IL is cooking up healthier soul food with her family. Shot by Food Patriots intern Asia Lamar and edited by Food Patriots intern Orrin Luc.

Andrew Fernitz
July 12, 2012
Chicago, IL

In this video 312 Aquaponics co-founder Andrew Fernitz, explains how he’s using fish to fertilize plants. Shot by Matt Sezer Directed & Edited by Orrin Luc

A Food Patriots Report from Ribfest in Chicago
June 20, 2012
Chicago, Illinois

Food Patriots visited Ribfest in Chicago where we met a bunch of folks with varying attitudes on the importance of local organic food. Check out the Glutton Force food truck in particular! Hosted by Nick Wilson Sound by Evan Jones … Continue reading

Robert Pierce
January 9, 2012
Madison, WI

As part of his role as the head of Growing Power’s Madison branch, Robert promotes farmer’s markets and community at the same time. Continue reading

Corey Chatman
January 9, 2012
Chicago, IL

Corey Chatman works at Experimental Station, a Chicago group that is working with the city to promote LINK (modern day food stamps) at farmer’s markets. Continue reading

Ken Dunn
January 9, 2012
Chicago, IL

Ken Dunn is the founder of The Resource Center in Chicago, which runs City Farm. Continue reading

Quentin Love
January 9, 2012
Calumet City, IL

Quentin Love, CEO of I Love Food Group opened a new restaurant in Calumet City, IL to bring healthy soul food to an area mostly populated by fast food joints.