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Photos from Prosser Career Academy’s Community Garden Event
Posted on March 10, 2014 by Food Patriots

Lindsay Shifley, a Food Patriots volunteer and Food Revolution Ambassador had this to say about the Prosser Career Academy screening and conversation on March 7th, in Chicago IL.

i attended a prosser career academy high school foot patriots screening on friday! over 200 international baccalaureate program students filled the auditorium for an ecology club community garden presentation, food patriots screening, Chipotle luncheon and discussion. i tell you what, there is nothing better than feeling more inspired and more educated than when you arrived… i run after that.

prosser’s staff and students simply it was amazing to watch the evolution of their garden project that started with the food patriots student engagement program. after going through the program a year ago with her students, marnie ware, a food patriot and biology teacher at prosser, took the bull by the horns and began creating something truly special with her prosser team. it takes a TON of work, a true gathering of do’ers to bring these inspired ideas into reality. students’ real food brainstorming and the collective desire to change school food started a groundswell of food education and activism. here is their video which was created a year ago: after climbing a fence into a vacant soccer field, students voiced their hopes and dreams of a community garden into film and these “seeds” will now be taking root just a few weeks from today!

my jaw is still on the floor.

i hope you take the time to read marni’s amazing blog post… i adore her every.single.word.

i am learning so much about the good food movement in chicagoland. will allen of growing power visited prosser a few weeks ago. growing power’s vision is to “inspire communities to build sustainable food systems that are equitable and ecologically sound, to create a just world, one food-secure community at a time”. he spoke to the students, congratulated them on their amazing project and shared how gp’s organically grown carrots will be used by chicago public schools (cps) this year – how incredible is that?!

two year ago, i was not aware of these programs. “real food”, “food systems”, “gardens” and “groundswells” were words that swirled around me without connection. a whole new universe has opened up to me and i could not be more excited and grateful to be a part of the food revolution going on all around me. the journey that began with my family’s real food change is ever evolving… grow baby grow.

huge thanks to jennifer, jeff, marnie and the other prosser staff members for filling my brain and heart with such insightful and powerful sparks that have become a part of me. your school and energy and i feel so fortunate to have met prosser’s food patriots. i can’t wait to come back and get your dirt under my fingernails!

little do my kiddos know, but we’ll be volunteering this spring, summer and fall to help cultivate our fremont township’s community garden. i can’t hardly wait!

happy monday everyone… it’s gonna be 50 DEGREES TODAY!!!!


we have some gardens to grow!


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