Let’s start a conversation about food that inspires everyone to make a 10% change in the way they buy, eat and talk about food.

That means 10% more fresh veggies, 10% more local food, 10% more organics. Food Patriots will show how our buying power, our growing power, our community power challenges an industrialized food system.


  1. Join Food Patriots and advance the cause
  2. Get others to make a 10% change
  3. Post your own story, photo, video online
  4. Like us on Facebook
  5. Host a discussion with film clips


  1. Ask! It’s not rude to ask about food! Ask where it comes from, how it was grown, how the animals are treated. You deserve to know and you’ll likely find the conversations are enlightening.
  2. Shop the outside aisles at the supermarket – this is where you’ll find fresher items with less processing.
  3. Cook! You’ve seen the cooking shows, now put it in action. And remember, buy fresh, seasonal ingredients and your cooking can be simple – let those wonderful fruits and veggies shine!
  4. Eat as a family! Sit down together over a meal and conversation – you’re more likely to eat slower and eat less, plus you’ll catch up on everyone’s lives. Sound impossible? Try it once a week. Single? Start a dinner club.
  5. Shrink the quantity of meat on your plate, and ramp up the veggies. Does that steak look large? It probably is. Cut it in half for two people or slice it onto a salad.
  6. Eat prepared foods that have fewer ingredients. For extra credit, be sure you can pronounce everything on the ingredient list.
  7. Buy from farmers markets! Befriend a farmer and you’re well on your way to eating better. They are proud of the healthy food they grow for you so take advantage of it.
  8. Grow your own! There is nothing as tasty as a tomato you’ve nurtured. Garden with kids and you’ll find they are far more willing to try new foods because they’re invested in them.
  9. Cut the soda! How many do you drink per week? Reduce it by 10% or perhaps institute “Soda-Free Saturdays” in your home.
  10. Join Food Patriots and teach others! If we convince one another to make small changes, we can pressure the food system to supply us with better food and become healthier as a nation.

    Eat food with color! Does your plate look brown and full of meat, bread and pasta? Get those bright-colored veggies and fruits on there!
    Thirsty? Drink water rather than high fructose corn syrup.
    Eating out? Choose the side salad instead of the fries. You can do it!
    Join a CSA! Community Supported Agriculture is a farm model – you pay a farm in the spring when they need seed money and every week during the season they deliver a box of fresh produce to you. It places healthier foods in front of you and will challenge you to eat new, more nutritious foods.
    Know the Dirty Dozen! The Environmental Working Group publishes a list of conventional produce to look out for because of high pesticide residue. Avoid the Dirty Dozen if you can!