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Jean Halloran, Consumer Union
Posted on May 1, 2013 by Food Patriots

Consumer Union continues their long-standing fight to preserve antibiotics for human health and stop feeding them to healthy farm animals. Consumer Union is the advocacy arm of Consumer Reports.

Click here to sign the Consumer Union petition.

Click here to sign Food Patriots’ petition to get the risk of superbugs out of the school lunch program.

Video shot & edited by Matt Sezer.

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3 thoughts on “Jean Halloran, Consumer Union

  1. Sonja Johnson

    I am an Amundsen high school teacher and you are coming to my school this Friday! I am very excited about this whole idea! Thank you so much for coming to us to teach us about your film and film making!!

    6.4.2013 -- 2:40 AM

  2. Jeff Spitz

    Thanks Sonia! Can’t wait to see you and your students this week. We love the thoughtful comments they have written on their favorite webisodes.

    6.5.2013 -- 3:12 AM

  3. A foodie

    I don’t disagree with your position on antibiotics in agriculture, and support the effort to eliminate the loopholes in the recent legislation on this subject. But I have to ask why you seem to be singling out Trader Joe’s as a targeted retailer. I don’t see any similar campaign re Whole Foods, Krogers, or Albertsons outlets, and this seems mis-guided and very unfair to me. As a former supermarket executive, I would by and large give Trader Joe’s good marks nearly across the board on environmental stewardship as well as the many other aspects of supermarket operations which have a direct effect on the quality and availability of our food supply. What gives?

    3.2.2014 -- 4:24 PM

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