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Amundsen High Schoolers
Posted on June 17, 2013 by Food Patriots

Science teacher Jenny Sider says:

“We at Amundsen High School are very excited about the Food Patriots project! The opportunity for students to offer their own voices to the conversation is powerful. It also helps to hear real stories from different kinds of people, and we look forward to hearing more. I frequently incorporate practical nutrition in my biology curriculum, and have learned that students are definitely concerned about what they eat. They want to understand topics such as obesity, essential amino acids, pesticides, vegetarianism, antibiotic resistance, GMOs, etc. The Food Patriots film and website is an amazing resource. It has already energized and engaged our students and teachers to talk proactively about food nutrition in personal and community lives. Since hosting a screening and film event at Amundsen, I have been overwhelmed with students sharing their opinions and food experiences. They have been debating and discussing the food health of their futures. One student plans to start an apple orchard club with tips from his grandmother who grows apples and bananas in Puerto Rico. We look forward to more creative ideas organically evolving from this community connection!”

The music in this webisode was composed by EGA on Jamendo and used under a Creative Commons license.

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