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Andrew Fernitz
Posted on July 12, 2012 by Food Patriots

In this video 312 Aquaponics co-founder Andrew Fernitz, explains how he’s using fish to fertilize plants.

Shot by Matt Sezer
Directed & Edited by Orrin Luc

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5 thoughts on “Andrew Fernitz

  1. Larry Stevenson

    I’m very interested in finding out more about doing this.

    1.6.2013 -- 2:15 AM

  2. Roger Malong

    I want to learn more regarding aquaponic im very interested as you know i have a small fish fond made of concrete I used to culture tilapia

    1.21.2013 -- 2:27 AM

  3. Kevin

    I purchased a system from a few years ago and have great success with it. I’ve been raising tilapia and have more fresh veggies than I can eat or can/freeze!

    1.24.2013 -- 5:00 PM

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  5. Donahue Wait

    Interested in learning more about this here in Oklahoma

    5.1.2013 -- 5:01 PM

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